Who's Riding in the Station Wagon?

We thought it would be helpful to establish the characters in our adventure.  By characters, we don't mean made up fictional personalities, but the actual men in our lives.

Pammy's Boys

Big J: Married to Pammy for over 10 years and still able to function without alcohol, has a subscription to WOOD Magazine, and an avid baseball lover. (Interjection by Charlie: Hee hee... WOOD.)
Lil' J: 5 years old, bookworm who sleeps with half of a bookshelf, believes unicorns and fairies really do exist, and thinks he's a Power Ranger.
G: 2 years old, enjoys drinking water from the water table and bathtub, wears a permanent scowl, and sleeps with 27 different HotWheels, a glow in the dark turtle and a plastic screwdriver.

Charlie's Boys

Big D: (there is no little D, I just think it sounds rad to say Big D) Married to Charlie for almost 9 years. Mixes a mean margarita. Builds stuff (though his subscription to WOOD has expired), watches NASCAR and rides dirt bikes. He's pretty freakin rad.
B: 5 years old. He's a quirky little dude. Likes cammo pants, bowie knives, Barbie, nail polish, and dirt. Is sure that Tinkerbell is THE tooth fairy, loves Turtleman (aka "Call of the Wildman" on Animal Planet) and plans to be a firefighter when he grows up.
L: 2 years old. He's a jolly little chunk of toddler. Will eat his entire meal and start on yours. Likes Mickey Mouse and Mater Tales and is a Sharpie Ninja who occasionally sports sweet body art.

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