Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Dreamed a Dream

I have a fantasy.

I dream that someday I will have a bathroom all my own. A just for mommy bathroom that smells like lavendar and is practically sterile in its cleanliness.

And its toilet seat? Oh that thing will be pee free.

It will be a bathroom where I can sit on the toilet and NEVER have the horrifying realization that my butt is suddenly damp.

The walls and floor will be pee free (we're potty training and L's stream seems to arc upward, even when his winkle is pointed down). There will be no vague smell of stale urine, despite frequent scrubbing of all walls and floor with cleanser.

I wouldn't care if it was a toilet in the closet. I just want to know that when I go in to heed the call of nature, I won't be forced to smell and/or sit in somone else's pee.

Is that too much to ask?

Pissed off Because I'm Sitting in Someone Else's Pee,

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