Monday, May 6, 2013

Locksmith Anyone?

My 5-year-old locked me out of the house today.  I feel like I could just end my story right there.

As I was walking a friend of mine to her car, Lil' J closed the door, locked it, and proceeded to his water table antics in the backyard.  I tried knocking, but didn't dare ring the doorbell since the 2-year-old was sleeping and we have idiots for dogs.

Sans shoes and in skin scorching 95 degree weather, I hiked my way into the backyard; stepping on every sharp rock and pointy stick ever created by nature.  Of course, the gate was locked so I had to try my newest yoga move, "Go, Go Gadget Arms," to reach the lock.

 Once I walked through the gate, the little snot was laughing at me.

Seriously?  It was no accident!  The only thing that kept me from getting mad before I saw him laughing was that I assumed, wrongly, that he thought I was in the house and he was being cautious. Turns out, he has it in for me.

I wonder what he will think of the pickle juice in his orange juice tomorrow morning?

Payback is just like Mama!


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