Sunday, May 5, 2013

Toddlers & Tattoos

Right now, my two year old is rockin' a face tattoo that would make Mike Tyson proud. A self-inflicted, Sharpie tattoo, that is. On top of his face tattoo he has also given himself arm & leg tattoos. And my couch has some super rad ink too.

All of this occurred in the maybe 5 minutes in which I had the audacity to heed the call of nature. Apparently, that is all the time my Sharpie ninja needs to scale the kitchen counter, retrieve a permanent marker from the pen cup hanging on the wall, and then go to town on his skin/the couch's microfiber.

The BEST part? That shit won't wash off! We are on day 3 and it has merely faded (see below). So I get to be the mom hauling baby Mike Tyson around Target.

Toddlers are awesome.


(And btw, that Pinterest tip about rubbing alcohol cleaning microfiber? Yeah, doesn't work so well for marker, just fyi. On top of the stains from spilled sippies and grubby feet, there is now a haze of blue ink surrounding darker blue ink lines on my couch. I'm thinking the only thing that will help my poor stained couch is a blowtorch...)


  1. My advice is hairspray. Straight up 80's aerosol el cheapo. You spray it on and dap/ blot with garage towels. Keep transferring the ink spot by spot. I did this with a few of my husband's work shirts and it did the trick. Good luck!

    1. I have used aqua net, ivory soap and cold water to get ink out of my sheets (thanks to B and some scrapbooking pens), but I'm not sure how it will work on my microfiber. Though the couch can't look any worse...